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About Dr. Hennessay

Dr. Hennessay is dedicated to providing what she calls "the kind of care I would want for my own family, and for myself." She founded this practice in 2023, after watching how the COVID-19 pandemic created even more obstacles for patients getting in to see their doctors.​


Access to same-day visits, or next-day visits, as well as video visits, is at the core of Dr. Hennessay's philosophy: helping patients access care when they need it, where they need it. Saturday visits are also available to  schedule a visit with a doctor who is familiar with them, rather than having to go to a busy urgent care. 

Dr. Hennessay believes in the Personalized Primary Care model, where access is simple and efficient, pricing is affordable, and patients are able to maintain ties to the "traditional" healthcare system and navigate it as usual. Dr. Hennessay partners with each patient and their healthcare teams to ensure they are receiving the highest level of care coordination.

In her free time, Dr. Hennessay enjoys plant-based cooking, camping, swimming, a myriad of arts and crafts, painting, quality time with her husband, her two rescued Chihuahua mixes (Shoresy and Quinn), and her cat, Lemmy. 


Dr. Megan Hennessay photo
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