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Video Visits 

We try to make your healthcare convenient. For certain visits*, Dr. Hennessay can use a video visit to learn about your personal medical history, family history, and your lifestyle habits to formulate a plan to begin guiding you to your best health. 

This is a great way to "establish care" at the practice and get lab work ordered before your in-person exam.

Includes: video consultation, other orders at the discretion of the physician.

*Video visits will be pre-screened for safety and appropriateness and may not all be appropriate for video consultation. 

Visits best suited for
video are: 

-"Meeting" the doctor 

-Certain medication refills, such as blood pressure (if you have a home machine and can review it on the visit), diabetes refills (with home blood sugar machine results review)

-Behavioral health visits, insomnia (no controlled substance prescribing by video visit for new patients)

-Minor medical concerns: minor skin complaints (non-genital), minor cough/cold symptoms (no shortness of breath, weakness, etc)., menstrual complaints (will require in-office follow up)

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