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Video Visits

Video visit with the doctor


Image by Alexandr Podvalny

Wellness Exam:
Saturday Availability

Annual Physical Exam


Stethoscope Over Cardiogram

Follow-up visits:
Saturday Availability

Follow-up for established patients 



Direct Primary Care Plan

Direct Primary Care Clinic Access:
monthly fee, paid annually



Preoperative Evaluation / Clearance

Exam prior to surgery


Sad on Couch

Behavioral Health

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia

initial visit

$225 follow-up

Blood Test

Lab Services

Prices for Uninsured Patients


Sleep Apnea Testing

Clinic Services

Breathing Treatment $75

Ear Lavage $60 (per ear)

Incision & Drainage $75

Laceration Repair $75 (Dermabond)


Laceration Repair $125

(Staples/Sutures – Includes Removal)


Removal of Foreign Object $100

Trigger Point Injection $65

EKG $75

Ultrasound $95

IV Therapy: Initial Bag $150

Subsequent Bag $80

Medication $30

(Injection or Oral)

B12 Injectio$45


Tetanus Vaccine $95

Sleep Apnea Testing $300 (includes take-home machine and full report)

$350 (includes home test machine and full report)

Image by Alexandr Podvalny

Wellness Exam - Saturday Availability

Annual Physical Exam


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