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Why choose Direct Primary Care? The short answer is that patients need to see their doctor regularly, and their doctors need to be available for them when sudden health issues arise. This plan includes all care that is provided in the office, and as many visits per month as are necessary to keep you healthy.* These may be in the form of office visits, video visits, phone calls, and e-mails). This plan would also cover in-office testing for lab analysis like glucose, hemoglobin, urine testing, or electrocardiograms (EKGs). Any labs ordered could be billed through insurance, like they would normally.

For example, if you have a PPO-type insurance, and a $6,500 deductible, that means your insurance isn't helping you pay for your care until you have spent that much out of your pocket in the year. If you subscribe to Direct Primary Care, you would be paying $195 monthly, which is $2,340 per year. With that, you can be seen the same, or next day, and can always reach me either by phone or e-mail on the same day to make sure you are cared for. This type of health plan gives me the ability to control how many patients I have, which in turn allows me to keep space available in my schedule to accommodate same-day visits and after-hours care, if needed.

Here is a good article by GoodRx that is brief and summarizes some pros and cons of Direct Primary Care:
What is Direct Primary Care? A Patient's Guide To Direct Primary Care

Our goal is to help our patients optimize their healthcare dollars. Subscription fees spent at Hennessay Medical Direct Primary Care can be deducted from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or FSA.  Unfortunately, the services do not count toward your PPO deductible.  A portion of every subscription is donated to care for an uninsured individual.

Hennessay Medical Direct Primary Care is not an insurance policy. Patients typically choose either a "catastrophic" health insurance plan through a reputable insurance company for additional coverage, or some patients have an HMO or PPO plan they can utilize outside of our practice with our guidance.

This membership is paid up-front for the entire year, but may be cancelled after 1 year, if desired. We are not tax advisors, ask your accountant about using your Flexible Savings Account or Health Savings Account.

Monthly pricing includes:

Comprehensive Wellness Exam once a year
Biometric screening
Electrocardiogram once a year
Skin Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screening once a year (starting age 40)
Analysis of heart health, bone health, kidney and liver health, thyroid health, diabetes risk
Annual Wellness Labs:

Inflammation markers
Prostate cancer screening
Colon cancer screening (starting age 45)
Electrolyte levels
Screening for Diabetes
Screening for Cholesterol Disorders
Analysis of Blood Counts

*There is no limitation on office visits, though it is at the discretion of Dr. Hennessay to book additional visits as necessary, and to allow access for all patients, some visits may be video or phone visits. 
This plan will be limited to 80 patients to ensure everyone has access and to permit appointments outside of the plan to have access to care.
Comprehensive Blood Testing covered by insurance, if applicable.

Dr. Megan Hennessay, Board Certified in Family Medicine

Direct Primary Care

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