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Personalized Primary Care

“Our mission is to provide a complete and Personalized Primary Care experience focusing on our patients’ well-being and comfort, with a holistic approach to disease prevention and wellness.”


-Dr. Meg Hennessay

At Hennessay Medical, we've redefined primary care since our launch in 2023. We've listened and responded to your healthcare needs, delivering a unique experience that breaks free from the "new normal." 


We're committed to providing you with the personal, high-quality care you deserve. To maintain this standard, we're introducing a new way to access our services – Personalized Primary Care.  As of July 1, 2024, we will offer 100% membership-based care at our practice*.


This subscription-based membership combines the best of Concierge and Conventional Primary Care, offering you all the benefits at a more affordable cost. It's about ensuring you continue to get the care and attention you're used to from Dr. Hennessay.


By limiting our practice to a few hundred patients, Dr. Hennessay will be able to offer faster service, spend more time with each patient, and ensure direct communication. To make this possible, a monthly direct fee is required, which covers services not included in your insurance and Medicare.


We knew we could do better, and according to your feedback, we have. Join us in this new approach to primary care, where your health remains our top priority.

*Self-pay patients are not required to join the membership; the fee is considered included in the office visit rates.

Dr. Megan Hennessay

Ready to join?

Established patients: send an email request here, or by signing the contract below.

Please remit your first three months’ payment below.


To pay online, visit:


18-39 years old:

40-64 years old:

65+ years old:


New patients: please schedule your first visit prior to joining.


HIGHLIGHTS AND DETAILS: Welcome to Hennessay Medical's Personalized Primary Care! We're excited to offer you a range of exclusive benefits that ensure you get the best health care possible. Our membership perks include: 1. Direct Communication: You'll have direct access to Dr. Hennessay or our assistant during business hours. We promise real people, real care, and prompt responses to your calls and urgent issues. 2. Extended Office Hours: We value your time, so we've minimized waiting times and extended our office hours to accommodate you better. 3. Longer Appointments: We offer 30-minute regular appointments and 60-minute comprehensive annual health assessments. We want to ensure we address all your health concerns thoroughly. 4. Preventive Focus: We prioritize preventive medicine, fitness, weight management, and healthy living. We'll help you identify and evaluate wellness providers to manage and maintain your health. 5. Personalized Hospital Care: If you're hospitalized, Dr. Hennessay will remain involved in your care, communicating with you and advocating on your behalf. 6. House Calls: If you're unable to visit the office, we may offer house calls on a case-by-case basis. 7. Virtual Consultations: If you're out of town or unable to visit, we offer virtual consultations, subject to state laws and the nature of your health issue. 8. Travel Medicine Consultation: We offer guidance on CDC recommended inoculations and precautions for traveling. Our membership fee only applies to non-covered components of the Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment. We'll continue to submit claims to your insurance for covered services. Please refer to our Membership Agreement for annual fees and instructions. We're here to help you navigate the medical community whenever necessary. Join us at Hennessay Medical for a personalized health care experience!


FAQs FOR HENNESSAY MEDICAL PERSONALIZED PRIMARY CARE 1. What's your mission? Our mission is to provide a complete and Personalized Primary Care experience focusing on our patients’ well-being and comfort, with a holistic approach to disease prevention and wellness. 2. How is this different from a regular medical practice? We offer personalized care with longer appointments, minimal wait times, and direct access to Dr. Hennessay. We also offer virtual visits and after-hours contact for urgent issues. 3. What services does the annual fee cover? The annual fee covers non-clinical, non-covered amenities and benefits. All other professional services will be billed separately through your insurance. 4. Where is your practice located? Our office is at 3655 Lomita Blvd, Ste. 307, Torrance, California 90505. 5. Which hospitals are you affiliated with? Dr. Hennessay is affiliated with Torrance Memorial Hospital and Providence Little Company of Mary. If hospitalized, Dr. Hennessay can communicate with the hospitalists at these facilities. 6. Who covers when Dr. Hennessay is unavailable? In Dr. Hennessay's absence, a trusted colleague will serve as a covering physician. 7. Do I need health insurance if I enroll? Yes, your annual fee covers only non-clinical, non-covered amenities and benefits. Continue your health insurance for clinical services. 8. Will you be on my insurance plan? Dr. Hennessay intends to remain an in-network provider for many major PPO insurance plans and will bill your insurance directly for covered services. 9. Will you be a participating provider for Medicare? Yes, for existing patients with Medicare, we will file your claims with Medicare and your supplemental insurer on your behalf. 10. Is the annual fee tax deductible or reimbursable through my HSA or FSA? Consult with your HSA or FSA plan administrator, employer, HR representative, or tax adviser to clarify qualification in your particular circumstance. 11. What are my annual fee payment options? Your fees are paid in one initial, 3-month non-refundable payment, followed by subsequent monthly payments by credit or debit card. 12. What about labs, X-rays, specialists’ fees, and hospitalization? All medical procedures and services performed in our office or by other providers will be billed by the performing physician and/or entity. 13. Will I pay the membership fee even if I don't use your services? Yes, the membership fee allows you to be a member of our practice and access Dr. Hennessay whether you are sick or well. 14. What if I move and need to terminate after I enroll? Your membership can be terminated with 30 days’ written notice. The membership fee may be partially refunded on a prorated basis. 15. What if I have an emergency? For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 immediately, then contact us. For non-urgent issues, contact us first. 16. What if I become ill while traveling? For minor problems, contact us first. For emergencies, call 911 then contact us. We can assist with prescriptions and coordinate care if you visit an ER or urgent care center. 17. What if I need to see a specialist? Dr. Hennessay can help you decide which specialist to see and coordinate such consultations. 18. What if I have questions about my membership? Call (424) 235-5235 to connect with our front office. They can help answer your questions related to enrollment, membership billing, and renewals.


MEMBERSHIP PRICING* Individual 18-39 years old: $35/month Individual 40-64 years old: $45/month Individual 65+ years old: $55/month Memberships are paid monthly. A minimum 3-month commitment is required, and is paid upon activating your membership. The first 3 months' payment is non-refundable. After 3 months, the membership can be cancelled at any time upon 30 days written notice to me/my practice. *Self-pay patients are not required to join the membership; the fee is considered included in the office visit rates.

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